TVR Chimaera, Griffith and Cerbera outrigger repair and restoration

1) Outrigger replacement: From experience having found corrosion on your outriggers it is best to replace them both. We have perfected a method of replacing both outriggers without lifting the body. The outriggers are cut and welded back to the chassis in the original factory position apart from the rear leg that is cut sleeved and welded about half way down. The outriggers we fit are already treated and powdercoated to give a long lasting repair. The body is then re bolted to the chassis outriggers using all new nuts, bolts and washers. The cost of this work is £1950 (+vat) Chimaera/Griffith models

Cerbera and T car chassis are priced on an individual basis, please contact us for further details.

2) Body-off chassis restoration: With a full chassis restoration the body is removed from the chassis and placed in our secure dehumidified store on a dedicated body jig, The chassis is stripped of every last component, nut and bolt. It’s then shot blasted which highlights all areas of corrosion to find any areas that need attention or repair. The chassis is repaired and fitted with new outriggers as above. Once all the repair work is done its sent for double zinc coating and powdercoating to the customers colour specification. All wishbones, rear uprights, diff mounts undertrays etc are also sand blasted and powdercoated. All bushes are replaced with either powerflex or OE type bushes,new engine/gearbox mounts, ball joints,track rod ends and arb links supplied and fitted. We also clean and paint the differential, propshaft and driveshafts. The brake and fuel lines are inspected and polished. The engine-bay, wheel arches and underside of the body are cleaned and receive a fresh coating of satin black paint, as per the original design. The car is then put back together with all new service components and oils with a full geometry set up so basically you are getting a full 12k service included in the restoration. The fixed price cost of this job is £POA for Chimaera/Griffith models.

Terms & Conditions of the above:

On rare occasions corrosion is so severe that it becomes uneconomical to repair the existing chassis. In such cases, we will work with you to find a solution you’re happy with such as fitting a brand new chassis. Parts/services to be included in any of the options will be confirmed with you prior to work commencing, and any additional parts will incur an extra fee.

Optional Extra Examples

Complete engine RV8 rebuild including an upgraded cam shaft during a chassis restoration £POA+ vat

Nitron Dampers £995+ vat

Alloy Radiator from £375 + vat

ACT hose set (Inc stainless pipe) £225+vat

Relocate fuse box and battery (Including new race style battery) £365+ vat

Engine bay heatshield replacement £220 + vat