Caterham Endurance Racing

2009 Launch for caterham style cars

The Dunlop Britsports Series 

2009 LAUNCH for Caterhams Style Cars.

  Britcar have been asked to put an Endurance race series for Caterhams.

Discussions with teams have started and it would give everyone a chance to do single or double headers together running at the Britcar race meetings.

The races would be 45minutes long with 20 minute qualifying. Pricing inclusive of membership and registration and entries would be £1000 plus VAT,  for 4races and £1800 for 8 races plus VAT, making it great value.

 Races will include refueling and a driver change

We will be supporting this series along side our Britcar campaign and will have caterham's avaliable for rent. If you own a car or would be interested in renting a drive please get in contact.

Cars will be built over the winter to an endurance spec to be run in 2010. Come and join the current Britcar endurance champions.



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