Mosler for 2010

Javier and Manuel will be contesting a Mosler is various races for 2010


Javier and Manuel have added a new race car to there collection a Mosler MT900 GT3.

We will spend some time developing the car this year with various races and tests around the uk and europe.

The car will be developed to run in the Britcar 24hr at silverstone.

Car Spec


• Standard LS7, 7 litre V8 engine mapped for 98 octane unleaded fuel
• LS7 dry sump system modified to Mosler GT3 application
• Motec engine management system
• Motec back lighted dash
• Motorsport throttle body
• Motorsport engine wiring loom
• Stainless steel 4-1 headers, exhaust manifolds with straight through rear exit exhausts and silencers
• Race spec cooling system (front-mounted water radiator and side mounted engine and transmission oil coolers
• Power output restricted to 388 kw (520 bhp) @ 6900 rpm
• Torque output 684 Nm(505 lbf.ft) @ 4800 rpm
• Max engine rpm 7200


• Hewland NLT transaxle
• 6 speed sequential
• Race spec triple plate clutch
• Flat shift gear change system integrating the new Hewland DGN Inverted dog drive spline

• Traction control


• Standard Mosler MT900S carbon composite monocoque with steel tube front and rear subframes
• Integral bolted and bonded steel roll cage to FIA safety standards
• ATL 100 litre fuel cell
• AP racing pneumatic jack system


• AP 6-piston front calipers
• AP 4-piston rear calipers
• AP 378mm ventilated front disc
• AP 355mm ventilated rear disc
• Manually adjustable front / rear brake bias
• Optional front and rear upright carbon brake ducts


• Penske dampers with bump and rebound adjustment
• Rose jointed independent double wishbone front and rear
• Central wheel locking system
• Front and rear adjustable anti-roll bars


• Front 18” rim 12.5” wide
• Rear 18” rim 13” wide


• Carbon reinforced with Kevlar® composite body panels
• Polycarbonate side windows
• Carbon composite standard doors
• Front splitter and diffuser
• Front dive vanes
• Adjustable composite rear wing
• Composite rear diffuser


• Motec back lighted dash and data acquisition system
• Sparco race seat, adjustable position
• 6-point race harness.
• Race steering wheel with quick release
• Adjustable steering wheel position
• Electric adjustable power steering
• Tilton racing pedal box
• Lifeline 6 point fire gas extinguisher system
• Light weight motorsport wiring harness


• Length: 4730mm
• Width: 1998mm
• Wheelbase: 2769mm
• Height: 1041mm
• Dry weight: 1200kg
• Fuel capacity 100ltrs








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